Ovotrack diagramm


Ovotrack schema
Schema punt 1Receiving ungraded eggs. Scanning or printing labels for pallets with IP-number, date of lay and stampcode.
Schema punt 2Scanning pallet labels with IP-number at the loader. The relevant information will be forwarded to the grading machine. Machine sends back grading results.
Schema punt 3Select the product or sales-order for each packing lane. Possibility to change label lay-out or printer settings.
Schema punt 4One button box for every 2 packing lanes. With the printers on top of the button boxes labels with unique EPC-codes for outer boxes can be printed after pushing the button.
Schema punt 5Printing or labeling prepacks.
Schema punt 6Printing or labeling sleeves or prepacks.
Schema punt 7With an automatic applicator labels with EPC codes are printed and applied to outer boxes fully automatically.
Schema punt 8During manual or automatic palletizing EPC-codes can be scanned and a pallet label can be printed.
Schema punt 9Scanning EPC-codes again in order to prepare a customer order.
Schema punt 10During loading all labels or pallet labels have to be scanned and connected to the end destination. An SSCC label can be printed here as well.
Schema punt 11Interfacing and synchronizing with ERP software or other packing centers.
Schema !Final destination known. Graded for a specific sales order and customer. So final destination of eggs is known.
Schema ?Final destination yet unknown. Graded for stock. Final customer is not known yet.