Jonas Reinhard, Hosberg AG – Switzerland

Hosberg AG is fully dedicated to organic eggs and organic egg products. Only 10 years old, the company now is by far market leader in Switzerland and has also started export to other countries. Transparency and openness to consumers, farmers and employees is one of the leading principals of Hosberg and the interest in Ovotrack was a logical result of those principals. Organic flock sizes are below average so Hosberg has a lot of different batches of eggs. Because of the small flock sizes Hosberg does not collect eggs on pallets but in plastic crates of 360 eggs. And to get optimal traceability Hosberg decided to see each crate as a different batch. Therefore thousands of incoming batches of eggs enter the grading centre and the grading machine. Because the payment to the farmers is based on the real grading results, the grading results of thousands of batches have to be stored in the Ovotrack database. Hosberg was the first company to introduce on farm scanning. All drivers have a handheld PDA with a scanner to scan each crate whilst loading into the truck. During unloading in the packing centre the PDA is synchronised with Ovotrack so that the ungraded stock position is updated. A fixed scanner is mounted on the unloading machine that empties the plastic crates. This scanner is reading the barcodes on the crates and forwards the information to Ovotrack and to the grading machine. At the other end of the Ardenta grading machine pallets and boxes are labelled with Ovotrack end-of-lane printers. At despatch the pallet labels are scanned again and connected to the final customer.

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