Dermot Herlihy, Belview Eggs – Ireland

Belview Eggs is very much into bringing new technology to the egg market, to improve quality, to get more efficiency or to increase food safety. Installing Ovotrack fits perfectly in that policy. From the farm all away through the Moba Omnia grading machine the eggs are followed and tracked until they end up in a box with a unique Ovotrack label on top. Belview Eggs delivers all eggs direct into the shop. The van drivers from Belview are also salesmen and they carry handheld computers with mobile printers. When they deliver a box of eggs they scan the unique barcode on the label, let the customer sign and print a delivery ticket with a capture from the signature. After returning in the packing centre the handheld is put in a cradle and the Ovotrack database is updated. Not only is Ovotrack offering benefits for the labeling of the boxes and collection of the grading results, it also brings traceability literally to the egg shelve.

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