Jacques Klempf, Dixie Egg – USA

Traceability of eggs used to be a European thing. But not anymore; food traceability is getting more and more important in the USA as well. It was decided that egg producers and graders had to implement the Safe Quality Food (SQF) program. Dixie Egg, a big marketer of eggs in Georgia and Florida, decided to invest in Ovotrack to realise the traceability requirements from the SQF program. Different from a lot of other egg producers in the USA Dixie Egg has an off-line grading operation. Instead of one huge farm where eggs are produced, graded and packed, the Dixie eggs are produced at different farms. At the farms the eggs are packed on flats and truck drivers from Dixie Egg collect those eggs at the farms to bring them to the grading centre in Blacksheer Georgia. Three large Diamond grading machines are washing, grading and packing the eggs. The Ovotrack system keeps track of all incoming batches of eggs. At the end of the packing lanes of all grading machines, Ovotrack button boxes and Ovotrack label printers are installed. Each box will get an Ovotrack label so that it can be tracked further down the road. Before Ovotrack was introduced no less than four different stamps were put on each carton manually; producer code, sell-by date, size and USDA number. The stamps are no replaced by a label which also contains a unique barcode for traceability purposes. The last step will be to scan those labels when loading the trucks for final delivery.